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  1. Category: Animals: Pets & Accessories
  2. For Sale
  3. Price: $10.00 Set
  4. Location: Eddington, ME
  5. Phone: 207-385-6057

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Isopods (rough woodlouse: porcelio scaber). Fun, low-maintenance pets for those who are interested in adorable creepy-crawlies. Isopods make excellent "clean up crews" for vivariums and other naturalistic enclosures and can also provide high-protein snacks for chickens, turtles, poison dart frogs, and other small animals. They feed on dead leaves and decaying matter as well as fish flakes, fruits, and veggies. Lottery mix assortment 30 for $10 Hand-picked by color 20 for $15. Available colors: wild type, white, orange, dalmation, and calico.

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