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Description: 1x6 tongue and groove pine, is a V-match/flat pattern. The first mentioned face is the graded face. The back side is the ungraded side and may be the same grade or at least 1 grade less. Mountain grade is a low end standard grade run that has a popular rustic decor appearance. Sold in unit form only, not individual pieces. Sold in units of 8', 10', 12', 14' and 16' only for the special pricing. Size of units: 80/8' (640 lf/320 bf ): 80/10' (800 lf/400 bf ): 80/12' (960 lf/480 bf): 80/14' (1120 lf/560 bf ): 80/16' (1280 lf/640 bf ) Reg; $0.68 lf. Pick up special pricing $0.59 lf. Please bring appropriate vehicle. This is unit pricing only. While supplies last! $0.59